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Adharam Download: Keeping land documents, and their copies is an important task. But many people don’t know that it can be done online. Land Document Copy ( Aadharam ) Online process is a very easy thing that anyone can do if they have all the required documents. Anyone with very basic computer skills can easily apply for Copy ( Aadharam ) land documents online.
Let’s see how it works.

How to Get Adharam Copy Online Process?

It is very important to keep the land document Copy ( Aadharam ) with you. At the same time it is very easy. Aadharam Copy is required for all legal matters. Also, a land document Copy ( Aadharam ) is required to transfer the land to another person and to make new changes. The different steps for the Land Document Copy Online process are:

Step-by-Step Guide to Adharam Download

  • 1.For land-related information, the application should be submitted through the official website.This is a government website that contains all the information related to land registration and property records.

how to get Adharam copy online

  • 2.If you are a new Person in the site you will need to register. For that you have to put name, email id and a password.
  • 3.Click on the required link from the website. If you need a land document Copy ( Aadharam ), click on “Apply for Land Document” link.

Adharam copy online

  • 4. Entered the property-related information. Correctly enter the plot number, survey number and identification number associated with the location.
  • 5. Upload the other required documents. In some cases, documents including the identity card of the applicant may be required to be uploaded.
  • 6. A certain charge has to be paid to get the land document Copy ( Aadharam ). Do it exactly as it says on the site.
  • 7. If the application is successfully submitted, you will receive a tracking number. It can be used later to know the status.
  • 8. Once the land document Copy ( Aadharam ) is ready you can download it directly or through the website.

Major things to know about your Adharam Download Online process

The land document Copy ( Aadharam ) should be applied by the land owner or legal representative. Government-approved identity card is mandatory for applying land document Copy ( Aadharam ). A certain charge will be paid as a fee according to each location. It takes days or sometimes weeks to get the land document Copy ( Aadharam ).


1. Land Adharam Copy  Online process is easy or not?

  • If you have all the required documents then you can easily apply for land document Copy online. But only the owner of the land or the legal representative can apply for a copy of the legal document.

2. Land Document Copy Online process is secure or not?

  • By applying through the official website, it is possible to process the application securely. But while choosing the website URL make sure that it is the official website.

3. Are there any options to correct the Land Document Copy Adharam Download Online process?

  • After reviewing the application before submitting the final Copy, information can be edited as per the requirements.

4. How to know the document is ready?

  • You can check your application status online anytime. Once the Copy is ready, you will be notified via SMS or email.

5. Can i do the Land Document Copy  Online process for someone else?

  • Yes. You can apply for land document Copy ( Aadharam ) on behalf of someone else if you have legal authorization from the owner.


Land Document Copy ( Aadharam ) Online process is very simple. But start the application process only by having the correct documents. Also make sure to keep the tracking number when you get it. The website is designed in such a way that anyone with a very basic computer can do it from anywhere. Make sure to always carry the land document Copy ( Aadharam ) for land related processes.

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