How to Close SBI Credit Card : Step by Step Guide

How to Close Sbi Credit Card: While credit cards are highly beneficial in finance, some cardholders encounter challenges managing them and may consider switching to alternative cards. In these situations, closing or cancelling the unwanted credit card is necessary. This simple process helps avoid unnecessary fees for the cardholder.

How to Close SBI Credit Card Online?

  • Online, the first method is to Log in to the SBI credit card portal and click on the ‘Card closure request’.
  • The second online method is to send an official email to the bank containing a card closure request

Once you complete this stage, You will get an OTP to your registered phone number and that can be used to complete the card closure process.

How to close the SBI Credit Card Offline?

  • Visit your nearest SBI branch with the required documents. Fill out the closure form provided.
  • Call the toll-free customer care number – 1800-180-1290. Provide your card details and personal information to request closure.
  • Write a cancellation letter, including personal and card details. Send it to your bank branch to start the closure process.
  • In the cancellation request, you should mention the Name, address, Card number and other contact details. Don’t share your CVV number or PIN with anyone else.

What are the things to check before closing An SBI Credit Card?

While it’s common knowledge that cardholders have the right to cancel or close their credit cards at any time, there are certain considerations to bear in mind before commencing the cancellation process. Here’s a checklist for cardholders:

•Ensure all dues are settled: Any outstanding balance on the credit card slated for closure should be paid off.The bank typically notifies cardholders of any pending dues through a letter. The cancellation process only begins once the pending amount is cleared.

•Redeem reward points:

Before closing the SBI credit card, cardholders should review and utilize any accrued, unused reward points.
These points can be redeemed for items from the bank’s rewards catalogue or for discounts.Unused reward points must be redeemed within 45 days of card cancellation.

•Avoid recent card usage:

It is advisable to refrain from using the card just before initiating the cancellation process.Continued usage may result in generating a new payment statement, which the cardholder would still be liable to pay.
Additionally, the bank may not entertain cancellation requests if there are fresh payment dues.
Scrutinize the latest statement:

Before proceeding with cancellation, thoroughly examine the most recent SBI Credit Card statement.
This ensures there are no unauthorized or fraudulent transactions recorded on the statement.


1. How do I close my SBI Credit Card online?

  • To close your SBI credit card online, you can initiate the process by sending an email to the bank’s official email address.

2. Under what situations should I consider closing my SBI credit card?

  • You might want to consider closing your SBI credit card if you find yourself not using it or if you’re looking to upgrade your card.

3. What’s the procedure for permanently closing my SBI credit card account?

  • To permanently close your SBI credit card account, you have the option to either call the bank’s helpline number or submit a written request to the bank.

4. Is it possible for the bank to close my SBI credit card account without my consent?

  • Yes, the bank reserves the right to close your SBI credit card account without seeking your permission, especially in cases of prolonged inactivity, negligence, or repeated defaults in payments.

5.When will my SBI credit card be officially considered closed?

  • Your SBI credit card will be officially closed once all outstanding dues have been settled. Confirmation of closure will be communicated to cardholders via SMS or email after the process is completed.

Conclusion :

You have the option to close your SBI Credit Card Account by contacting the bank in writing or calling the SBI Card Helpline. Upon requesting account closure, you must close your credit card details. Your request will result in the automatic termination of any add-on cards associated with your account. So it is an easy process.

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