Post office RD scheme – Things to know

RD scheme available at post offices is another name for the National Savings Recovery Deposit Account. This guaranteed return scheme is available in all post offices. The interest rate of this scheme is 6.7%. One can be part of this RD scheme either individually or in joint account mode. The tenure of this plan is 5 years. A loan facility is also available by opting for the scheme. This scheme is designed in such a way as to get back 25000 rupees in 5 years. Learn more about this scheme.

What is the Post office RD scheme?

Every investor wants to invest a certain amount of money and seek double returns. That’s why everyone is looking for guaranteed return plans. RD scheme introduced by Central Government Post Offices is a plan that can be invested with great confidence. This plan is designed in such a way that a certain amount is returned in 5 years. Moreover, the interest rate will be 6.7 percent. The duration of the project is 5 years. One can start investing from a minimum of Rs.100. The amount can be selected as a multiplication of ten. You can also participate in this scheme through State Bank of India. More features of this scheme can be understood in detail.

What Is the Minimum and Maximum Investment of The Post Office Rd Scheme?

An account holder can deposit a minimum of Rs 100 or in multiples of 10.

Who can apply for the Post Office RD scheme?

An account can be opened either by one person alone or by a maximum of three people. Also, a child who is at least 10 years old can open an account in the presence of a guardian.

What is the interest rate and maturity period for the Post Office RD scheme?

The duration of this team is 5 years. 6.7 per cent interest will be received. After 5 years, if required, the period can be extended by approaching the post office.

Can I get a Loan from the post office RD?

Yes. A loan facility is available in this investment scheme. Once the 12 instalments are completed, the loan can be taken. 50% of the paid amount can be taken as a loan.


1. Anyone can be part of this post office RD scheme?

  • Yes. Any person residing in India can be a part of this team. Also, a child who has completed at least 10 years of age can open an account in the presence of a guardian.

2. Is this beneficial?

  • Of course. Anyone can join this account by making a minimum deposit of Rs. 100. If the amount is paid off in five years, 6.7 % interest will be received as a good guaranteed return.

3. Can I open this account jointly?

  • One person can be a part of this RD scheme either alone or as a group of three people.

Conclusion :

Post Office RD Scheme is a scheme in which one can choose to get a fixed amount of return by investing within a fixed period. This is a plan that can make a good return investment in five years by investing just Rs.100. Another advantage is that the account can be opened with minimal paperwork.

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